Steve and Ruth had spent years going to dental school and Seminary all in preparation to serve in dental missions in Nigeria. 3 months before they were set to leave their daughter was born with a severe handicap. They chose to go anyway and have been blessed in their work. Listen to their story!

Hear more about their work over the 27 years, the blessing of their daughter in their work, and the things they face daily in their work in Nigeria. This isn't a short video but it will be well worth your time.


Ruth tells us that “approximately three months from leaving to go to Nigeria for the first time when our daughter was born who severely handicap. They gave us the news that she was probably never going to walk or talk or sit and that is what has happened.” Steve and Ruth say that people in Nigeria don’t really know how to handle handicap children there and she has been a huge blessing in teaching’. Julie is 27 years old and she goes to Nigeria with her family every time that her parents go.  

Steve and Ruth go on to talk about their experience at Whitestone, about how important and necessary a place like this is for missionaries. They eventually opened a house in Nigeria called “Grace Cottage”. Their hope is that they can provide other missionaries with a place to encourage them so that they can go back to their work renewed.

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